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Tailwheelers Journal welcome

to The Tailwheeler’s Journal.

The latest article is now on the site.  “The Cub in a Barn”deals with a popular bit of aviation lore.  There’s just enough truth to it to keep it tantalizing!

If you’re not on the newsletter list, give me a shout at and I’ll put you on the list.  I think you’ll enjoy these little weekly newsletters.

Newsletter news:

Several hundred of you subscribe to the Tailwheeler’s Journal newsletter.  Many who visit our website don’t even know that the newsletter exists.  It comes out every Friday and lets you know about the new articles or videos on the site as well as the latest news from “Tailwheel Town”.  We don’t sell the subscribers’ list and we don’t use it to spam you!
 If you’d like to receive the newsletter, drop me a line and I’ll put you on it!




Scholarship winner Diana Le Sueur has turned out to be a testament to the wisdom of Judy Birchler and her judging committe. She is a talented flyer as you can see by subscribing to the Tailwheeler’s Journal Newsletter.

DIANA LESUEUR CAME TO TAILWHEEL TOWN and got her tailwheel endorsement.  She also got a chance to enjoy our new attraction, The Erickson Aircraft Collection, a magnificent collection of WW2 aircraft, all of which fly.

We’re now preparing for the arrival of our next winner, Elizabeth Heizler.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Ladieslovetaildraggers, it’s a wonderful organization and website which encourages women to fly and to fly (what else?) tailwheel airplanes.

Kudos to Judy Birchler at Ladieslovetaildraggers for dreaming up this great opportunity and making it happen.  In addition to some great support from Oregon Aero, there will also be some local support here in Sisters.  We’re very grateful to Julie Benson for her help in making the LLT Tailwheelers welcome.

WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON AT TAILWHEEL TOWN?  Just drop us an email and ask to be added to our weekly newsletter’s subscribers’ list.  You’ll receive our newsletter, generally every Friday, and be kept advised of all the new stuff that’s going on with our flying adventures and also what’s newly added to the Tailwheeler’s Journal website.

The FAA is at it Again

The feds have decided to regulate the contents of hangars at airports which recieve federal funds.  Their definition of what is “aeronautical use” is a bit strange.  Evidently, they’d toss out homebuilders who are building an airplane.  I strongly urge all aviators to go to the Feds’ website and register a comment before this ridiculous power grab becomes law.  Here’s the link:!submitComment;D=FAA-2014-0463-0001

Even if you approve of this proposed rule, you should register your comments.  After all, we are supposed to be living in a democracy.  The will of the people is supposed to trump the desire for more power from their government.


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve got our illustrator!  Rebekah McKenzie, who runs a graphic arts outfit right here in Sisters will illustrate our new kids books.  We had a fun photo shoot to gather images last week and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Ethan and Brian

Ethan enacts running the wing of a glider for “Bennie, the Wing Runner”, while brian plays the part of the glider.

Gayle Crowder (“# 54 Only the Good Ones”) and Brian have written a set of childrens’ books.  The two books are aimed at kids from 6 to 10.  We’re pretty happy with “Benny, the Wing Runner” and “The Happy Pilot”.   We’ll begin marketing the two books on The Tailwheeler’s Mercantile and Amazon, but we’ll be looking to expand our marketing as we learn more about the biz.  


Our tailwheel trainer is now equipped with brand new Oregon Aero Seats.  Many thanks to Mike and Jude Dennis and the rest of the great crew at Oregon Aero for the fine design and craftsmanship.

Oregon Aero’s products not only enhance pilot comfort, but they also increase safety and “G” tolerance through their engineering of shock absorbing materials.  Remember that every flier who completes a Tailwheel Endorsement or Stick and Rudder Master Class through the Tailwheeler’s Journal will receive a Headset Upgrade Kit compliments of Oregon Aero.   Be sure to check out the Oregon Aero website.  You’ll be drooling over some fantastic products.
Oregon Aero logo







It’s Here!

The second edition of “Brian’s Flying Book” is now available either directly through or from the Tailwheeler’s Journal.  We are so excited to finally be offering this latest edition as a hard copy to all those who have been asking for it.  Included are some new photos, sections, and a wonderful forward from our friend Adm Mike Bowman.   Speaking of the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile, we are now out of Dale Masters’ book but remember that you can still order our CD, “Nuts from a Blind Squirrel” as well as other goodies from our little webstore.

-  Listen HERE  -

The CD is still at the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile in case some of your ungrateful friends or relatives neglected to give you one!  If you’d like to have a copy of “Nuts from a Blind Squirrel” on either CD or Flash Drive, just go to the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile and you’ll see a spot from which you can order.


Now more about the Tailwheeler’s Journal:

This site is the place where you can find videos and articles that will help you challenge your flying skills and become a better stick and rudder airman.

The Tailwheeler’s Journal began as a series of short articles that Brian Lansburgh sent to about 100 pilots and other interested people who requested them via email.  We soon realized that many of these articles could be produced as short videos demonstrating challenging flying techniques that are mostly applicable to Tailwheel airplanes. It’s all about challenge and practice.

We’ve expanded the concept to include our “Plane and Pilot” features that allow our viewers to meet some interesting pilots and their airplanes.


Email us if you’d like to receive the Tailwheeler’s Journal monthly articles and be informed of new additions to the Tailwheeler’s Journal video collection.

Remember, Brian is available to work with you, whether to add a Tailwheel Endorsement to your qualifications or to simply add to your skills in mountain flying, spin recognition or crosswind technique (all tailwheel endorsements include a Biennial Flight Review).

He can be reached at the email above or by phone at (541) 948-9873.

Happy Swooping!