Who is behind the Tailwheeler’s Journal?

Although we expect our staffing to change from time to time, here are the people who have contributed to the productions so far:

Bert Garrison is our main videographer, although his role is much broader than that. Bert soloed in a tailwheel airplane before he got his driver’s license. He was 15 and his mom had to take him to the airport for that flight. He was the U.S. Air Force’s last SR71 pilot and also flew U-2s. He is currently a captain for a major U.S. airline, flying the Boeing 737. Bert’s range of talent just keeps expanding and we haven’t found anything yet that he doesn’t do well!

Jason Koblin runs MechaDigital a website design and digital marketing agency based in Bend, Oregon.  He has recently joined our family as our I.T. consultant.

Brian Lansburgh started the Tailwheeler’s Journal with written columns on tailwheel flying. He specializes in tailwheel instruction. He was raised in the film production business and was nominated for an Academy Award for the Short Subject, “Dawn Flight”, which is currently offered at our web store, “Tailwheeler’s Mercantile”.

Tom Beccari had the misfortune to operate his business, Central Oregon Avionics, out of the hangar that was next to ours when we were in Prineville. We draft him for many jobs. Tom has run the camera and flown the camera plane for several of our productions.

Jerry Groendyke has the good fortune to be located in Florida so we can’t use him as much as we’d like! Jerry flew the camera plane for our video on the DeHavilland Chipmunk. He’s a talented pilot and Brian has consulted with him often on several subjects in “Brian’s Flying Book”. We hope to put his many talents to use even more in the future.

Hooper Lansburgh ran the camera for some of our early productions. Currently a river guide, Hooper soloed a glider at 16 and is a talented airman. He’s another one we hope to tap for future productions.

Janet Lansburgh has proven to be a talented photographer and often fills in when we mount formation flights.  She is currently learning to fly.

If you’re interested in Tailwheel Instruction, or a Master Class, visit our Tailwheel Instruction Page.