— Now here’s one of our favorites. This is Bert Garrison’s site. Bert is not only the main videographer for the Tailwheeler’s Journal, but he’s also a terrific still photographer. Check out this site for some great aviation eye candy. — A wonderful site dedicated to women who fly tailwheel airplanes. You’ve got to check it out. It’s inspiring and fun. One of our favorites. — The site of one of the most successful air show acts ever. There’s a lot to be learned on this site. Steve and Susanne are also among the most accomplished skywriters in the world (Susanne was once the Pepsi Skywriter and is considered one of the very best. Steve has been flying airshows in his beautiful Chipmunk and is also one of the great night show performers. The pair also have a New Standard D-25 for aerial tours. I think you’ll enjoy checking out this site. — This is a company we’ve admired for a long time. Not only do they manufacture great products for pilots, but they have an ethic that more companies should emulate. Great products, great site. (featured in our video, “Cumberland Island”) — A great family with a wonderful customer service attitude set this outfit apart from so many others. Steve Pankonin runs a small maintenance operation at a great little airport in Southern Oregon. He also holds a bunch of STC’s and carry’s some great products for a lot of different airplanes. It’s a fun website as well with lots of interesting info and pics. — A new site inspired by the memory of “Sky Billy” Warren. Lots of fun old pics and articles and it’s growing like crazy. — A great site by friend and colleague Chuck McGill. If you want to learn more about more advanced complex airplanes, this is a site that will definitely have some great information for you.
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Sisters Airport SISTERS EAGLE AIRPORT –  This is the home of the Tailwheeler’s Journal.  Lots of new changes at this airport have made it a great fly-in destination.  Check out the Airport Website at: