The Tailwheeler’s Mercantile

Welcome to our store!

We do have some pretty wonderful items. Shop our Aviation Books and Videos now! We carry one book which is really hard to find. (Brian’s Flying Book) never before offered to the public! 

Many of you will be delighted to hear of our newest DEAL. And here it is:

If you order 60 bucks work of books or hats, you will receive a free “Nuts from a Blind Squirrel”. It’s a CD that I’m really happy with.

I’ll be interested to hear from anyone who receives it! I think it’s great but I’m kinda close to it! Bear in mind that this deal only covers the purchase of items from the Send us a check at 160 South Oak St, Sirsters Oregon. Please include 5 bucks for shipping for each order. (Free shipping has gone the way of the Dodo Bird as has shipping to anyone outside the continental U.S.) If you have any shipping issues, Email me and I’ll make it right for you. is the correct email address for you to get right to me.

And, speaking of books, I’m about ready to publish the latest book, “Maneuvers”. This book covers all the maneuvers that are taught at tailwheel Town and it is my sincere promise that the applicant who can do them all is quite well qualified for a Tailwheel Endorsement. Speaking of which, I recently let my CFI go just to let the feds know that I am really weary of their silly damned IACRA system for renewing a cfi. I have threatened to quit it for some time and finally the day has arrived, I am no longer a CFI!

For those who share my contempt for the system, I am free to fly with you… I will simply no longer be able to sign off your endorsement as a CFI. If you see the value in learning what I teach, this will suit you. I’ll certainly understand those who no longer feel it’s worth it.