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It’s been a whirlwind of activity primarily because of the publishing we’ve done.  All the books that are planned to come out this winter are done and available on Amazon and the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile.  I’m very proud of them, especially “Airshow Pilot”.

All are now available and if you’d like an autographed copy, just drop me a line at brian@tailwheelersjournal.com and I’ll personalize it and send it your way.  Shipping is only $5, and we’ve reduced the price on all of the books.  They are all now twenty bucks!

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“You’re a bright boy…. You’ll go far…”

Those were William Shatner’s words to me as the two of us returned to LA aboard a Cessna twin which had been hired by our boss, the producer of the show I was working on and on which Mr. Shatner was the talent. I’d just finished watching him return to

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#32 The High Speed Approach

For some time now I’ve noticed a common technique that many of my students use on the descent to their destination.  Several miles out they reduce the power to well below 2,000 RPM and descend slowly to the destination airport.  I’ll be honest with you:  This technique drives me nuts

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The Oft-Neglected Articles 

The oft-neglected articles now number over 200!  Now, pilots are accused of just looking at the pictures and not reading the words.  That may be true, judging from how many of the articles in the Tailwheeler’s Journal go unread.  But here’s a secret:  At the top of this home page are the other pages!  They tell you what can be found there.  The most neglected pages seem to be “Articles” and “Flight Instruction”.  Check ’em out!

Tailwheeler’s Journal NEWSLETTER.  The newsletter is this little bi-weekly email that gets sent to those who sign up for the subscribers’ list.  It tells them what the new article is on the website AND it recounts what’s happened at Tailwheel Town for the preceding two weeks.  More readers really should sign up…. but they don’t.  Beats me why, but if you’d like to receive it, just send me an email at brian@tailwheelersjournal.com and I’ll put you on it.  Ya can’t lose!

What’s a Blind Squirrel?  Funny you should ask!

“Nuts from a Blind Squirrel” is a very special CD. It’s a collection of stories written by Brian Lansburgh and performed by him in the manner of a radio show.  Music and sound effects combine with Brian’s narration to bring you some of the stories from Brian’s checkered flying career.  Just the thing to stuff the stocking of your favorite aviator so that there’ll be something cool to listen to on the way to the airport!  And from now until Christmas, the Squirrels will gift wrap these great CD’s and top the package with a bow!   Check it out at the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile page above.

The New Tailwheel Town Aviator’s Chapeaux

Tailwheel Town aviation ball cap

Finally! We have our own hats from Tailwheel Town.  And, not just any old hat… if you specify,we’ll perform a “buttonectomy” and send you one of our cool aviator’s chapeaux sans top button.  Your pilot and you will never have a hat button pushed into the top of your thinkbump by your headset again!  CIMG1551They are a measly Twenty Bucks!  You can order yours at the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile.  Oh and now we have a second color!

Just drop me a line at Tailwheel Town and let me know if you’d like a grey one… and thanks to my brother’s dog, Stella, for modeling the new hat!


You haven’t read “Brian’s Flying Book”??

Brian's Flying Book v2 front cover

Here’s your chance.   (Note: To qualify for free shipping, you’ll need to contact us).  But you can also get it autographed for no extra charge. Just drop Brian an email at 


You can pay with Paypal or a check and we’ll let ’em cross in the mail.  We won’t wait for payment to get your book heading your way!

Looking for a good movie?  We’ve got it!

One of the finest flying films ever made was produced by the Lansburgh Brothers many years ago.  

“DAWN FLIGHT” has been re-mastered and the copy you get from The Tailwheeler’s Journal has features not found anywhere else.  Our DVD has special features consisting of Brian’s interview and flight with “Dawn Flight” star, Denis Arndt.  It also features a “Film Maker’s Commentary”, which is an additional copy of the film with Brian’s comments in an additional soundtrack explaining how and where some of the most fascinating flying scenes were shot.

Our Newsletter

Those of you who get the weekly newsletter know all about it because the newsletter announces all the new articles, videos and activities at Tailwheel Town.

If you’re not on the newsletter list, give me a shout at brian@tailwheelersjournal.com and I’ll put you on the list.  I think you’ll enjoy these little weekly newsletters.


Oregon Aero logoOur tailwheel trainer which is currently being rebuilt, in addition to our PA12, will be equipped with  Oregon Aero Seats, which were in our previous Cessna 140.  Many thanks to Mike and Jude Dennis and the rest of the great crew at Oregon Aero for the fine design and craftsmanship.
Oregon Aero’s products not only enhance pilot comfort, but they also increase safety and “G” tolerance through their engineering of shock absorbing materials.  Remember that every flier who completes a Tailwheel Endorsement or Stick and Rudder Master Class through the Tailwheeler’s Journal will receive a gift certificate compliments of Oregon Aero.   Be sure to check out the Oregon Aero website. You’ll be drooling over some fantastic products.

 It’s Here!

The second edition of “Brian’s Flying Book” is now available either directly through Lulu.com or from the Tailwheeler’s Journal.  We are so excited to finally be offering this latest edition as a hard copy to all those who have been asking for it.  Included are some new photos, sections, and a wonderful forward from our friend Adm Mike Bowman.   Speaking of the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile, we are now out of Dale Masters’ book but remember that you can still order our CD, “Nuts from a Blind Squirrel” as well as other goodies from our little webstore.

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The CD is still at the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile in case some of your ungrateful friends or relatives neglected to give you one!  If you’d like to have a copy of “Nuts from a Blind Squirrel” on either CD or Flash Drive, just go to the Tailwheeler’s Mercantile and you’ll see a spot from which you can order.

Now more about the Tailwheeler’s Journal:

Cessna 140 at Tailwheeler's Journal
This site is the place where you can find videos and articles that will help you challenge your flying skills and become a better stick and rudder airman.
The Tailwheeler’s Journal began as a series of short articles that Brian Lansburgh sent to about 100 pilots and other interested people who requested them via email.  We soon realized that many of these articles could be produced as short videos demonstrating challenging flying techniques that are mostly applicable to Tailwheel airplanes. It’s all about challenge and practice.
We’ve expanded the concept to include our “Plane and Pilot” features that allow our viewers to meet some interesting pilots and their airplanes.
Email us if you’d like to receive the Tailwheeler’s Journal monthly articles and be informed of new additions to the Tailwheeler’s Journal video collection.
Remember, Brian is available to work with you, whether to add a Tailwheel Endorsement to your qualifications or to simply add to your skills in mountain flying, spin recognition or crosswind technique (all tailwheel endorsements include a Biennial Flight Review).
He can be reached at the email above or by phone at (541) 948-9873.
Happy Swooping!