#145 Air Show Announcers

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"The late Bill Warren once commented that Kirby Mills was a mess by the time an airshow was over. All that physical comedy and all those pratfalls in the dirt had made a filthy wreck of him. And I never saw another announcer come close to that kind of dedication."

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#144 Whuffos

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"If I were truly a well-rounded aviator, I’d be proficient at virtually all aviation pursuits. So I guess it’s the “pot calling the kettle black”! I guess I’m a Whuffo, too. "

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#142 Nordo

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"They tell you that they are North when they are South. They call “right downwind” when they are left and they even call the wrong airport or runway! No wonder we can’t find ‘em!"

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#141 Everyone can screw up

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"I once wrote how dangerous assumptions could be. I guess that could be one of the lessons of this little story. But it’s not the main one. The main lesson behind this little story is that anyone can make a mistake. ANYONE. You, me, or any other airman, no matter how skilled. "

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#140 Monday Morning Multiples

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"We do them with a little mnemonic mantra: “power, pitch, pitch, power”, we chant as we run down the runway in our little taildragger, executing as many as five or six landings and takeoffs in one touch-and-go cycle. It’s called “Multiple Landings”, or just “Multiples”. It’s challenging, difficult… and fun as hell!"

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