# 91 After You!

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“If you’re going to the airport, then GO TO THE FREAKIN’ AIRPORT!” (Bill didn’t actually say “freakin’”. I’ve just cleaned it up for my more easily offended readers.

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#85 Lurking

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"it’s assumed that most pilots can’t slow down. They’ll hurtle to the ground out of control if they do anything but keep on blasting along at cruise or approach speed. "

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#71 The Briar Patch and the Comfort Zone

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"For an aviator, staying in your comfort zone virtually guarantees that you will not become a better pilot. Keep on doing that long drawn out 45 degree entry to the downwind. Keep practicing the stabilized approach. Keep doing only what you know how to do. Don’t fly a sailplane, don’t go upside down and, above all, never simply try to fly with more precision. That way you will guarantee that you will never leave your comfort zone."

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Mt. Thielsen with Diamond Lake in the background.

#70 My Weekend

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"I felt like I was doing a “Pony Express Mount” on my little airplane as I chased Eric and Jami in their T-Craft down the taxiway and blasted into the air for Prospect."

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