#144 Whuffos

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"If I were truly a well-rounded aviator, I’d be proficient at virtually all aviation pursuits. So I guess it’s the “pot calling the kettle black”! I guess I’m a Whuffo, too. "

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#141 Everyone can screw up

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"I once wrote how dangerous assumptions could be. I guess that could be one of the lessons of this little story. But it’s not the main one. The main lesson behind this little story is that anyone can make a mistake. ANYONE. You, me, or any other airman, no matter how skilled. "

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#140 Monday Morning Multiples

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"We do them with a little mnemonic mantra: “power, pitch, pitch, power”, we chant as we run down the runway in our little taildragger, executing as many as five or six landings and takeoffs in one touch-and-go cycle. It’s called “Multiple Landings”, or just “Multiples”. It’s challenging, difficult… and fun as hell!"

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