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Rebuilding a Cessna wing leading edge.

#254 Flight Instructors

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"By the way, since this article was written, my pall Jamie Klaes has not only become a flight instructor, but she is now in charge of a program to teach indigenous kids from villages all over Alaska to fly. A better person could not have been found".

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THe first day I ever got my son, Hooper, to put on a uniform shirt and work for me. No luck with shoes, however. 2008

Get Some Glider Time!

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    Larry Lansburgh   A few hours of stick time in a glider can give you a deeper knowledge of the environment in which you fly—knowledge that many airplane…

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#228 Midair

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“Coast Guard Air Station, San Fran, this is Helo one three eight six. Mayday, mayday, mayday.  We’ve had a bird strike.  The pilot is unconscious."

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