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Rebuilding a Cessna wing leading edge.

#254 Flight Instructors

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"By the way, since this article was written, my pall Jamie Klaes has not only become a flight instructor, but she is now in charge of a program to teach indigenous kids from villages all over Alaska to fly. A better person could not have been found".

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#242 Blowing My Own Horn

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I was this guy’s first flight instructor and soloed him.  On his first solo he proved that he had the correct instinct when he made a low pass on one wheel.  He went on to become the Commanding officer of an FA-18 Squadron on an Aircraft carrier.

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#234 Air Awareness

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"I remember one such time when a friend and I were offered a chance to ride in the Catalina that was part of the Erickson Aircraft collection.  We sat in the voluminous back of the plane as Brent Conner rumbled the old ship down to the approach end of the runway.  He did the runup and one mag on one engine dropped a lot.  Brent decided that some work needed to be done and it wasn’t worth departing with that bad mag.  So we never flew, but it was Air Awareness time.  And it was worth something to us all."

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