#232 The Go-Around

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"He was carrying power, even though he was too high.  But we’re used to seeing that.  After all, that’s how Acme trains.  As he approached short final, we called to THAT unhearing pilot, “Go around, go around!”

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THe first day I ever got my son, Hooper, to put on a uniform shirt and work for me. No luck with shoes, however. 2008

Get Some Glider Time!

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    Larry Lansburgh   A few hours of stick time in a glider can give you a deeper knowledge of the environment in which you fly—knowledge that many airplane…

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#228 Midair

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“Coast Guard Air Station, San Fran, this is Helo one three eight six. Mayday, mayday, mayday.  We’ve had a bird strike.  The pilot is unconscious."

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#215 Lurking

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What comes to your mind when you think of the word, “Lurking”?  Probably a burglar, lurking in the shadows, or someone generally up to no good.  Skydivers use the term…

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