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Rebuilding a Cessna wing leading edge.

#254 Flight Instructors

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"By the way, since this article was written, my pall Jamie Klaes has not only become a flight instructor, but she is now in charge of a program to teach indigenous kids from villages all over Alaska to fly. A better person could not have been found".

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October 18, 2019

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We were delighted to see old pal, Alan Gatward who showed up in his lovely Stinson.  We did a little maintenance and a little catching up and then he and his bride were off to the High Sierra Fly in.

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#242 Blowing My Own Horn

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I was this guy’s first flight instructor and soloed him.  On his first solo he proved that he had the correct instinct when he made a low pass on one wheel.  He went on to become the Commanding officer of an FA-18 Squadron on an Aircraft carrier.

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